How Do You Dispose Of Old Medals?

How do I remove a trophy plate?

The base labels are usually made of a think piece of pliant metal adhered onto base plate.

To remove it, just insert the tip of an X-Acto knife and gently pry up one corner.

Once you get it going, it’s pretty easy to just peel right off..

What to do with unwanted medals?

Medals from sports and academics (as distinguished from trophies and plaques, which are not accepted) can be donated to Sports Medal Recycling where they will be recycled, with the proceeds going to charitable causes.

Should I throw away old trophies?

Just throw them out, don’t overcomplicate things. Get your name off them (it’s usually on an engraved plaque) and give them to Goodwill. Smaller kids sports clubs will often buy used trophies or medals to hand out. Please call your local YMCA or Girls and Boys Club to see if they take trophy donations.

How do you get rid of old trophies?

In the very least, if any part of the trophy or award is made of metal, those parts can be removed and recycled at a scrap metal recycling facility.

Is there a market for old trophies?

You should be able to donate those trophies to organizations that hold those sorts of activities. … The world is full of old trophies. You may also find that you can donate them to local children’s clubs or organizations; they can switch out the tops and use the trophies for other activities and sports.

What do you do with old medals UK?

So we thought we’d put together a few ways to recycle your old trophies and make good use of them.Donate to a local sports club or school. … Donate to a local charity. … Send to a local recycling plant.

Are old trophies worth anything?

Collectible trophies have value because of the person or event they commemorate. Generally, old trophies do not fetch a high sum on resale. Styles change over time, and there is not much of a market for the average used trophy, which will sell for between 5 and 45 dollars on a site such as eBay.

Does Salvation Army accept old trophies?

Contact Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Discovery Cancer Thrift and other nonprofit thrift stores. They will gladly receive your discarded trophies. There is always a run on these types of stores by groups that honor their participants with trophies at the end of the year.

Does anyone take used trophies?

1. This trophy and award company is accepting donations of old trophies and awards. They will reuse the award to make new awards and trophies.

Does Goodwill accept old trophies?

Many larger chain thrift stores, such as Goodwill or Value Village, accept donations of gently used awards in good condition. They clean and sell the old trophies to their customers. It’s surprising what creative things people can make out of old awards!

How much are trophies worth?

Well, prices vary over time, but according to current silver prices , the seven pound sterling silver Lombardi Trophy is only worth about $2,000. Remember, though, that’s only taking into account the raw material value of the silver.

Can you donate trophies?

If you don’t care if the trophies are reused and given to charities, you can donate your trophies to Good Will or St. Vincent DePaul. They will sell your trophies.

Does the Special Olympics take old trophies?

Special Olympics athletes receive new, specially designed medals or ribbons as competition awards. We do not accept donated trophies.