How Do You Spell EARE?

Is rearer a Scrabble word?

There are 6 letters in REARER ( A1E1R1 ).

Is it more rare or rarer?

Rarer is always correct, and in literature and writings, it suffices. For a speech, however, the “more rare” comparative, though technically incorrect, will help you to avoid the awkward consecutive “R” sounds.

What is the rarest animal in the world?

VaquitaThe Vaquita is currently the rarest animal in the world, and quite possibly the most endangered, with only about 10 individuals left in the wild.

Can we dare meaning?

Dare is also a modal., modal —`I can’t, Alice. I daren’t. ‘ 2 verb If you dare someone to do something, you challenge them to prove that they are not frightened of doing it.

Is there such a word as rarer?

The terms most rare, rarest, more rare, and rarer have all been in use for centuries.

Does Rare mean special?

uncommon If something is rare, it is not common, and is therefore interesting, valuable, or unusual. …

Is Rarer a Scrabble word?

RARER is a valid scrabble word.

Who is a rare gem?

If an event is rare, it doesn’t happen often. If an object is rare, there aren’t many of its kind. Obviously, finding a rare gem is a rare occasion. Rare comes from the Latin word rarus, meaning “widely spaced,” as rare things are — whether in actual space or in time.

What should I say for DARE?

Truth or Dare: Dares ListSerenade the person to your right. … Talk in an accent for the next 3 rounds. … Kiss the person to your left. … Attempt to do a magic trick. … Do four cartwheels in row. … Let someone shave part of your body. … Eat five tablespoons of a condiment. … Be someone’s pet for the next 5 minutes.More items…

What type of word is rare?

adjective, rar·er, rar·est. coming or occurring far apart in time; unusual; uncommon: a rare disease;His visits are rare occasions. thinly distributed over an area; few and widely separated: Lighthouses are rare on that part of the coast.

What’s the meaning of DARE?

The word dare generally means “to have the courage or boldness for something.” It can be positive (She dared to venture into outer space) or negative (Don’t you dare eat the last cookie!) The verb dare is found in Old English, with the noun form, a “challenge” or “defiance,” coming in the 1500s.

What things are rare?

20 Rare And Bizarre Things That Actually Exist On Our Earth13 Purple Carrots.14 Stonehenge. … 15 Diquis Spheres. … 16 Corpse Flower. Photo Via: … 17 Very Distinct Waterfall. Photo Via: … 18 Rainbow Eucalyptus. Photo Via: … 19 Bismuth Crystals. Photo Via: … 20 White Peacocks. Photo Via: … More items…•

What does it mean when a guy calls you rare?

When he calls you rare, it means you’re not like all the other girls. You’re unique to him.

What does dare yourself mean?

1 tr to challenge (a person to do something) as proof of courage. 2 can take an infinitive with or without: to to be courageous enough to try (to do something) she dares to dress differently from the others, you wouldn’t dare! Rare to oppose without fear; defy.

What does the rare mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : seldom occurring or found : uncommon. 2a : marked by unusual quality, merit, or appeal : distinctive. b : superlative or extreme of its kind.

What is the rarest thing in the world?

The world’s rarest gem is believed to be painite. The painite is orangish or reddish brown and was first discovered in Burma in the ’50s. Within the last couple of years, the source of the two original painite crystals was discovered and now a few hundred faceted stones exist.

How do you describe something rare?

Some common synonyms of rare are choice, dainty, delicate, elegant, and exquisite. While all these words mean “having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste,” rare suggests an uncommon excellence.