Quick Answer: Is PSA Certification Legit?

Are there fake PSA cards?

Another possible telltale sign of a counterfeit PSA-certified item has to do with the label found at the top of the holder.

You may not be able to read it word for word, but the label on the opposite side will be visible.

Sometimes, a forger may attempt to simply add a fake front to a real PSA label..

Can I drop off cards to PSA?

yes, but basically by appointment. Just got off the phone with a very nice lady from PSA. She recommended I drop off my cards at a “public friday” or show.

Who is the best autograph authentication company?

That being said, here is a list of the most recognized autograph authentication companies in the hobby today:Professional Sports Authenticator PSA/DNA.James Spence Authentication JSA.Beckett Authentication Services BAS.

What is PSA authentic?

A PSA “Authentic” (meaning the card is “Authentic”), means there is something wrong with the card, keeping it from obtaining a numerical grade (as defined in Storm888’s post above). A PSA/DNA “Authentic”, means that the autograph is authentic. It has no bearing on the card itself.

Which is better JSA or PSA?

2. For team signed baseballs, JSA usually does a better job of listing players on the LOA. PSA usually only lists the Hall of Fame autographs specifically on the LOA, JSA will list both the HOFers plus notable autographs (usually all of the starting players).

How do I get a PSA graded?

PSA grading (also can be done through Beckett or some other lesser-known and used grading services) is an industry-standardized card grading service. You send in your sports card and they give it a grade out of 10 points.

Can I drop off my cards at PSA?

If you would like to drop off your items at one of our offices, this can be arranged. However, please know that we only accept submissions at our Woodbridge, NJ, office by appointment only and on a limited, case-by-case basis for high-value items and high-volume submissions at our Southern California location.

How long does PSA take to grade cards?

PSA Grading Wait Times and Updated Grading Costs PSA currently lists updates to its turnaround times here. Currently the average turnaround time listed on the PSA website is 42 business days (or the equivalent of 8 1/2 weeks).

How much does JSA cost?

Our basic certification program, which fees range from $20 to $30, is designed for items valued under $200.

How long is JSA authentication?

two weeksMeet JSA At An Bring your item(s) to the event, JSA will authenticate your autographs on-site and items are given back the same day. Authentication results are mailed to you up to two weeks after the scheduled event.

How do I know if my PSA Card is real?

Cert Verification Always confirm certification numbers for collectibles purchased online after receipt. Certification numbers appear in the lower right of the encapsulated label or on the oval DNA sticker.

How much does PSA charge to authenticate?

(Bat Authentication Only) Estimated turnaround 30 business days. Optional: Grading is an additional $75 per bat….PROFESSIONAL MODEL BAT AUTHENTICATION:Service LevelAuthentication PriceBat ValueTier 2$1295$25,000 – $49,999Tier 3$795$10,000 – $24,999Tier 4$495$5,000 – $9,9996 more rows