What Is A Good Word For Shocked?

What is an antonym for Shocked?

aghast(p), appalled, dismayed, shocked(adj) struck with fear, dread, or consternation.

Antonyms: fearless, unafraid(p).

What does shocked mean?

1a : affected by shock : stricken with sudden mental or emotional disturbance “Oh, no!”

What are synonyms for nice surprise?

nice surprise / synonymspleasant surprise. n.lovely surprise. n.delightful surprise. n.wonderful surprise. n.big surprise. n.great surprise. n.happy surprise. n.surprise. n.More items…

What is another word for surprise?

What is another word for surprise?amazementastonishmentstupefactionincredulitybewildermentdisbeliefwonderconsternationshockstartlement29 more rows

What is another word for shocks?

Some common synonyms of shock are collision, concussion, and impact.

How would you describe someone in shock?

If you want to show shock or surprise in your characters, consider using the following body movements, mental responses, and visual cues:Rigid muscles or stiff posture.Skin that is tingling.Sudden onset of cursing, violence, or showing anger.Tears welling up in the eyes.Small gasps or yelps.A quick bark of laughter.More items…

What’s a word for a bad surprise?

I believe sumelic’s answer, shocked, is the best word for a strongly negative surprised reaction, but if you’re looking for a milder alternative, you could consider taken aback.

What is the opposite word of shocked?

gratified, blase, bewitched, beguiled, composed, heroic, mesmerized, sure, plucky, confident, thrilled, casual, thankful, entranced, Tickled, comforting, unruffled, captivated, unafraid, spellbound, sanguine, fascinated, enthralled, assured, spunky, spirited, lionhearted, nonchalant, collected, pleased, resolute, …

What is a better word for Shocked?

Find another word for shocked. In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shocked, like: startled, astounded, appalled, astonished, aghast, dismayed, amazed, troubled, offended, stupefied and upset.

How do you express shock in words?

The phrases that you can use to describe how shocked you are,are as follows :-The news came as a complete shock. … We are completely taken aback. … I was just stunned. … It’s unbelievable. … Words can’t describe how I feel about this … … There is no way it could have happened.

What stunned means?

to deprive of consciousness or strength by or as if by a blow, fall, etc.: The blow to his jaw stunned him for a moment. to astonish; astound; amaze: Her wit stunned the audience. to shock; overwhelm: The world was stunned by the attempted assassination.

What’s another word for full of surprises?

What is another word for full of surprises?puzzlingbafflingbewilderingincomprehensibleinexplicablemystifyingperplexingenigmaticmysteriousunfathomable238 more rows