What Is The Verb Form Of Strong?

What is the verb form of big?


/bɪɡ/ /bɪɡ/ see also bigs.

present simple I / you / we / they big..

What is a strong verb for move?

went. visited. drove. flew.

What is the biggest adjective?

great big (=very big): At the end of the lane was a great big house….big ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌adjectivebigcomparativebiggersuperlativebiggest

What is the noun and verb form of strong?

Answer: Strength is the noun form of strong. It is an abstract noun. Strength is the common noun form of strong.

What is the difference between a strong verb and a weak verb?

The distinction between a weak verb and a strong verb is based on how the past tense of the verb is formed. Weak verbs (more commonly called regular verbs) form the past tense by adding -ed, -d, or -t to the base form—or present tense—of the verb, such as call, called and walk, walked.

What is the verb form of simple?

Verb. simple (third-person singular simple present simples, present participle simpling, simple past and past participle simpled)

What is the verb form of strength?


What is a strong verb example?

Strong verbs are more specific than weak verbs. Strong verbs make writing more descriptive and more concise. Strong verb examples include: cultivate, lecture, revive, and zoom.

What is the verb form of entrance?

entrance. verb. en·​trance | \ in-ˈtran(t)s , en- \ entranced; entrancing. Definition of entrance (Entry 2 of 2)

What is a stronger verb for played?

STRONG VERB. A term in the description of GERMANIC LANGUAGES for a VERB that indicates such differences as tense by modifying its vowels: English ring, rang, rung. In contrast, WEAK VERBS add inflections: play, played, played.

Is Bigged a word?

verb (used with object), bigged, big·ging. British Dialect. to build.

What does beak mean?

1a : the bill of a bird especially : a strong short broad bill. b(1) : the elongated sucking mouth of some insects (such as the true bugs) (2) : any of various rigid projecting mouth structures (as of a turtle) c : the human nose.

What is the verb form of beautiful?

14 English Words with 4 FormsNOUNVERBADVERBbeautybeautifybeautifullybenefit beneficiarybenefitbeneficiallycreation creatorcreatecreativelydecisiondecidedecisively10 more rows

Is beautify a word?

verb (used with or without object), beau·ti·fied, beau·ti·fy·ing. to make or become beautiful.

What is the verb form of afraid?

“Afraid” doesn’t really have a noun and verb form. You can use the word “fear”:I fear snakes. As a noun: I have a fear of snakes. Other possible verbs are “scare” and “frighten”. Examples: I’m frightened of snakes/ Snakes frighten me.