Which Is The Largest District In HP?

Which is the longest bridge in HP?

Barsi BridgeThe construction of the longest bridge on the strategic Manali-Leh highway in Himachal Pradesh has been completed.

It will be opened for traffic this month.

It is known as the Barsi Bridge..

Which is the longest bridge in India?

The bridge will replace the 9.1-km-long Bhupen Hazarika Setu, also known as the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge in eastern Assam, as India’s longest bridge. Dhubri and Phulbari lie on either bank of the extremely wide Brahmaputra just before it flows into Bangladesh.

How many national highways are there in HP?

9 national highwaysHimachal Pradesh state has a good road network. There are 9 national highways with total length of 1,250 km, 20 state highways with total length of 1,625 km and 45 major district roads with total length of 1753.05 km.

Which river flows in Manali?

Beas RiverBeas River विपाशा नदीCountryIndiaStateHimachal Pradesh, PunjabMunicipalityof the IndusPhysical characteristics19 more rows

Which river does not pass HP?

Of the four Himachal Rivers, except Satluj which has its source in Tibet, the rest originate within the boundaries of the State of Himachal Pradesh. While the Satluj meets Beas meet within India, it joins the Chenab in Pakistan.

Which is the largest district in Himachal Pradesh?

List of districts of Himachal Pradesh by populationRankDistrictsArea km²01Chamba6,52802Kangra5,73903Lahaul and Spiti13,83304Kullu5,5039 more rows

Which is the richest village in Himachal Pradesh?

village KiariSituated atop a hill in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, is the picturesque village Kiari known for apple cultivation. At once the village was even named among the 10 richest villages in Asia.

What is the old name of Himachal Pradesh?

Kullu ValleyKullu Valley Formerly a union territory, Himachal Pradesh became a state of India on January 25, 1971.

How many Panchayat are there in HP 2020?

With creation of new panchayats in the state, the total number will go up to 3,456.

Which is longest river of HP?

The Chandrabhaga or Chenab (Vedic name Askni), the largest river (in terms of volume of water) is formed after the meeting of two streams namely, Chandra and Bhaga at Tandi, in Lahaul. It flows 122 kilometres (76 mi) and covers an area of 7,500 square kilometres (2,900 sq mi).

Which district is not a part of New Himachal?

Old Himachal : consists of districts of Chamba, Kinnaur, Bilaspur, Mandi, Sirmaur and Shimla. Actually the capital town Shimla was included in Himachal later, but it has some area from old Himachal. New Himachal : consists of districts of Kangra, Kullu, Lahaul and Spity, Hamirpur and Una.

What is the population of HP in 2020?

Himachal Pradesh 2021 PopulationYearProjected Population20177,297,03472.97 Lakhs20187,366,57173.67 Lakhs20197,435,36674.35 Lakhs20207,503,41575.03 Lakhs7 more rows

Which river flows through Shimla?

Ganga river systemThe Ganga river system: Its basin extends from the eastern face of the Shimla ridge of Himachal Pradesh to the South western slopes of Kanchanjunga massif on the Nepal-Sikkim border. Yamuna, which is the longest tributary of Ganga flows through Himachal.

Which is the smallest district in HP?

Highest,Largest,Longest and Smallest in HP:Largest District Area-wiseLahaul-SpitiSmallest District Area-wiseHamirpurSmallest District Population-wiseLahaul-SpitiSmallest River- lengthwiseYamunaSmallest Wildlife-sanctuaryShilli (Solan)20 more rows•Sep 10, 2015

How many districts are there in HP 2020?

12 districtsThe state of Himachal Pradesh is divided into 12 districts which are grouped into three divisions, Shimla, Kangra and Mandi.

Which Valley of HP has the distinction of having the highest village in the world?

Spiti ValleyKibber also Kyibar is a village high in the Spiti Valley in the Himalayas at 4270 metres or 14,200 ft in Himachal Pradesh in northern India….KibberCountryIndiaStateHimachal PradeshDistrictLahul and SpitiElevation4,270 m (14,010 ft)11 more rows

How many rivers are there in HP?

Himachal Pradesh a mountain state in Indian Himalaya, covering an area of over fifty five thousand square kilometres, has 5 major river basins Satluj, Ravi, Beas, Chenab and Yamuna.